I met Sharon Moncrief, about three years ago. I had been focusing on my herbs in the garden and began experimenting with home made remedies for tea and skin care concoctions. I had found many online sources for ideas and information while doing “research” at home but one stood out as an all encompassing herbal guide – Herbiary.
On a day trip to explore Philadelphia, I came across one of their satellite shop’s in Reading Terminal Market. It was filled with a wide assortment of fabulous herbal tinctures, natural skin care remedies, books, soaps, and teas. there was one brand of product that I kept picking up, Greenbriar Herbalist. As I read the labels, I noticed made in “Pipersville, PA” – what a coincidence! I returned home to Pipersville, PA and gave her a call. I was thrilled to find this welcoming voice close to home and we began discussing a plan to host a class at The Kitchen Potager. “By the way, where do you live?” was the last question. “Right at the covered bridge” she replied. There are so many in this county but we clarified which one and I was thrilled to learn that the only thing separating us was a hill and a creek, I was on the other side of the bridge. Isn’t it funny when you go searching far and wide to learn more about something when the greatest resource is in your backyard?!

Well, that is actually the point of hosting another class with Sharon Moncrief. Last year, we gathered a group of friends to take Sharon’s class about Herbs for Medicine. We were a motley crew, not everyone knew eachother but had common love for plants. We were an organic wholesale grower, organic CSA owner, herbalist in training, microgreens specialist and flower grower, lavender product business owner, a beekeeper & holistic animal care giver, and couple of organic farmers – if we had landed on Gilligan’s Island we would have survived quite well! Everyone who attend our course, had a great knowledge of plants but what surprised me the most was how much everyone learned about the powerful benefits of botanicals that they had not considered before. For me personally, I loved that when I met Sharon, I was struggling with a few weeds that had cropped up all over my garden. I expressed my frustration and Sharon smiled with a “you never know, they may be just what the doctor ordered”. In this case, a doctor would never prescribe these, but a friend and healer would understand the magical benefits that I would receive (and needed) from my mallow plant, burdock, plantain and chickweed. My weeding chores following season were quite fun. I had a changed perspective and was happy to see that I was cultivating these beneficial plants and I began nurturing them almost like a new garden pets so that I could use their benefits during the season.

If you are new to gardening, are a well seasoned gardener, a cook, have friends and family, please consider joining us for this special five week class. We are targeting a series of Sunday afternoons from 1-4 pm. 3 students are required to register in order to hold the class so if you are interested but not available on Sundays, Tuesdays (afternoon or evening) will be our alternate class day if it works better for the group.
Register: Please mail a check for $375 to P.O. Box 292 Ottsville, PA 18942
$75 per class for students who would like a refresher on specific weekly topics.
Classes will be held at Village Centre Properties, 7137 Old Easton Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947 (on the road between Rt 413 (Pipersville Frame & Art) and route 611 (near Cactus Grill).

Class description:
Introduction to Herbal Medicine and using your Outdoor Medicine Cabinet

Week 1: Introduction to Herbs: Sustainable Medicine
How the oldest form of medicine is relevant to modern life. Understanding how herbs facilitate the healing process. How to collect, process & store herbs; comparing and buying herbal products; Using herbs safely.
Interactive: Making herbal tea

Week 2: Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Ills
Selecting and using herbs for colds, flu, bronchitis, coughs, allergies. Healing and strengthening the respiratory and immune system with herbs.
Interactive: Making herbal syrups & soups

Week 3: Herbs for Core Health
Selecting and using herbs to enhance digestion and cleansing. Supporting the cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal health with herbs.
Interactive: Making tinctures and vinegars

Week 4: Managing Stress with Herbs
Selecting and using herbs to support energy levels, sleep and manage stress, anxiety and depression. Herbal topical applications and skin care.
Interactive: Making compresses and poultices

Week 5: Herbs for Everyone
Selecting and using herbs to support the various passages of a woman’s life; herbal remedies especially for men, children and elders.
Interactive: Making herbal oils and salves

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