Friends of the Delaware Canal

The Kitchen Potager is thrilled to be working with Friends of the Delaware Canal on their 4th Annual Faces & Places: Erwinna Walls event taking place next Saturday, August 4th. Whether taking a day trip or going on a long vacation, I always enjoy my return to home to Bucks County. Approaching the Frenchtown Bridge, I am welcomed by the water view and magnetic pull from the local produce of Schneiderwinds Farm on the other side of the river. Crossing the canal, cyclists speed by and I plan to follow their lead to explore picturesque towns along the water. This season, The Kitchen Potager is working with the group whose primary mission is to preserve the canal in order for all to enjoy recreational activities and help the village economies thrive: Friends of the Delaware Canal.
For the past few years, we have brought people together to celebrate the harvest with featured chefs in unique venues. This season, we are celebrating in one of the picturesque canal towns along with the residents that make this community unique; Erwinna. Earlier this year, we discovered an idyllic Bucks County setting – stone home by a covered bridge with a flourishing vegetable garden and chickens foraging through the property. Rubber necking to catch a glimpse of the wall ruins and garden, the little table at the entrance featuring unique concoctions in Weck jars beckoned me. Soon I discovered that I was at the home of Eat This! entrepreneurs, Gino de Schryver and David Bourgert. A business that started in Erwinna’s Delaware Valley Volunteer Fire Company, offers desserts, marmalades, jams, potted meats and pickled vegetables using homegrown and locally produced items now sells at numerous markets featuring local products including our own Ottsville Farmers Market. Beautifully presented, Gino’s jars make great gifts and indulgent treats!

Coincidentally, the new chefs of local landmark Golden Pheasant Inn live across the street. Presently under extensive renovation with Brett Webber Architects, PC and Sullivan Building and Design Group, in preparation for the family’s 2nd generation ownership, the excitement continues to build as the re-opening date approaches and final details are completed. With international culinary training and always supportive of quality local ingredients, we look forward to enjoying Blake and John’s culinary creations.

Walking through this canal town, you learn about the many residents who add to its charm. Guests will have the opportunity to attend a walking tour of the village to the canal and hear more about Erwinna’s history. In addition to the other guests, we will also enjoy the company of more local favorites. Kristen Jas Trio, known for their varied musical repertoire will perform. The brewers from The Ship Inn & Doylestown Brewing Company will sample their refreshing craft brew specialties. Local and international wines will contribute to the rustic wine garden setting. Auction items that offer activities and unique opportunities to enjoy with friends and family in the many towns along the river will tempt us all.

The Kitchen Potager is pleased to create a preview event with Erwinna’s own chefs and characters benefiting The Friends of the Delaware Canal and all who enjoy the waterways that connect our Bucks County river towns. It is sure to be summer evening filled with character, please join us for the fun and help enhance life along the canal! Register today at

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