I would like to bring back the hand written recipe swap. Is anyone with me for this nostalgic cause? I am talking about the hand written recipe described either on a note card devoted to recipes or even a generic napkin from the place where the cooking discussion took place. Yes, I too, remember enjoying the excitement when I discovered the apparent convenience to add recipes to my virtual “epicurious.com recipe box” and being quite proud of creating a neat and tidy-typed out-favorite family cookbook (a lot of thought went into the font). But I was recently searching for peach recipes in my mom’s old recipe box and I have changed my mind. There is something about the tabbed sections of collected hors d’oeuvres, soups, meats, cookies, packed so tightly into the box that they seem to explode when you take out one card. A life’s collection of favorite recipes in one neat place. Each card notes the friend who passed it along, their hand writing neatly (sometimes) sharing a treasured secret that may become our new family’s tradition. My mind wandered, maybe she swapped a recipie as well, it was most likely for her pinwheel cookies or no – her famous carrots – everyone asked for that one. Perhaps they were old friends, or maybe just met at a picnic and she thought “Carol’s” chocolate cake was even more divine than any other recipe she had in her collection. Originally searching for peach recipes, I suddenly found myself looking for “people vs peaches” – Aunt Dot’s spice cake, Dee Dees Cider Roast, Grandma’s water melon rinds- I hit the jack pot when I found both categories: “Uncle Cas’s Peach Chutney”! I am living in his house now and wonder if I will be on the same path to my ingredients – did he go to Manoff as well? My mom must have enjoyed it on a visit to Bucks County and took the recipe home. While I cannot chat with him nor enjoy it with my mom, I can relish in this specialty. In addition to loving the flavor, I feel warm and connected to my family. Now I have a bigger reason to cook: here is the recipe, if you love it, pass it on!

Uncle Cas's Peach Chutney

Uncle Cas's Peach Chutney page 2

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