PULL TOGETHER YOUR LOCAVORE SPIRIT, YOUR DIY SENSIBILITIES, AND A CARLOAD OF FRIENDS & FAMILY, AND JOIN US! Canal House Cooking presents The First Annual Smallholding Festival on Saturday, July 9th from 11-3 pm with The Kitchen Potager at Linden Hill Gardens and Schwarz Brand Studio. A Smallholding offers its owners the pleasure of backyard self-sufficiency through the raising of animals and the growing of fruits and vegetables. The Smallholding Festival will be a day of entertaining learning devoted to becoming self-sufficient in your own backyard, garden, and kitchen.

Can you believe this incredible group of participants? Who will be there you ask?

  Richard Finch, Wood Artisans
An amazing wood crafter who does traditional restoration for homes and barns, and who also happens to be a lifetime bee enthusiast. Richard built my top bar hive, and along with Pam, Richard is a natural gentle bee keeper who provides ideal environments for busy bees to thrive.

Jean-Claude Tassot, Tassot Apiaries
You may recognize Jean-Claude from the many markets where he offers his sweet smile along with honey, candles and soap products. We are lucky to have the Tassot Apiaries family with their demonstration hive to show the predictable and amazing habits of the honeybee.

Matt Ridgway, PorcSalt
To know Matt is to understand how he thinks about food. He is obsessed with quality ingredients and speaks a mile a minute with creative culinary ideas. Matt rarely has a moment to divulge his extensive experience at restaurants with great chefs in California, Philadelphia, New York, Paris, Aix en Provence. Now he has his own charcuterie business devoted to curing and smoking meats using traditional French and Italian methods. A true do it yourselfer, Matt built his own smoker, drives to his favorite sustainable farm to pick up meat, and uses his father’s honey for curing. We are glad to have him raising the culinary bar in Bucks County.

  Lorenzo Gilliberti, 1821 Steak & Cocktails (Translator, Lisa Hickey)
  We are thankful to Kate and Louis Gilliberti for creating 1821, a rare place that makes a perfectly grilled steak and spot-on cocktail. If you have been there, you may have heard about Louis’ father Lorenzo’s talent for making mozzarella. Arriving in NJ years ago from Italy, Lorenzo first worked in the textile industry and only later, while working at his friends butcher shop, discovered that he could handle the intense heat that stretching mozzarella requires. As Lorenzo is still most comfortable with his native Italian, Lisa Hickey will be translating the process for us. Owner of Pipersville Frame & Art, Lisa has spent extensive hours in Italian kitchens as well as long stints in Tuscany doing decorative painting for clients.

Jonathan White, Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse The word has spread like beautifully aged cow manure compost that Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse has moved to Milford, NJ. We are lucky to have Jonathan and his family within reach just across the Delaware River. Jonathan will show us how to make ricotta, fresh cheese that you can make and enjoy at home. Cheese classes taught by Jonathan are sought out by anyone seriously considering a career in cheese making. Mentioned in novels and attended by thousands, Jonathan’s classes convey best practices of sustainable pasture farming. BD&B are committed to making quality, artisanal products while educating us in the beauty of a sustainable family farming lifestyle.

CHICKENS  Eric Van Der Hyde, Barefoot Gardens CSA We describe Eric and Linda of Barefoot Gardens CSA in Doylestown as “Walking & Talking Hugs”. Both work full time “normal” jobs AND maintain their sustainable CSA for 25 lucky Doylestown families. The healthiest grub-pecking chickens that We know live at their farm and are an integral part of their farm practices in soil prep, composting and nutritional food source. As an engineer interested in improving processes, Eric cannot physically stop creating better systems for keeping coops, composting and making the farm more efficient.

Nina Zeebooker, P & A Feed and Pet Owner of P&A Feed and Pet in Doylestown, Nina finds us the most effective products, feed and equipment essential to our feathery friends’ health. Nina’s knowledge of poultry breeds is enhanced annually by their numerous and growing offerings.

Eggzy.net We have learned the difference between the nutritional value of backyard fresh eggs vs. store bought varieties and we want to share our eggs with others to showcase the beautiful yolks, tight protein rich whites and calcium rich hard shells. Based in New Hope, PA Eggzy.net is helping backyard chicken owners share their resources with others in the area.

Art Shull, Bluebell Meadows Dairy Farm
  We met Art at an organic farming conference discussion on cheese making and were surprised to find that he lived 5 minutes down the road. A third generation dairy farmer from Pipersville, PA and engineering graduate of Cornell University, Art is working with his father and grandfather to determine new ways of improving their farming techniques and profitability. Art is here to show us about the care of the animals, health benefits of farm fresh milk and what needs to be considered in raising a home cow.

Lea Rumbolo & Tim Hall, The Ship Inn Formerly a chef, Lea’s culinary interests have taken her to another side of the counter; brewing beer with Tim Hall at his family’s Ship Inn. She uses her creative culinary palette to create full flavored brews to accompany a traditionally British menu featuring seasonal local ingredients (including other TSF participants Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse and Tassot Apiaries honey). If you have an opportunity to try their Killer Bee using Tassot’s honey, you will spread the word like a busy bee!

John Stemler, Keystone Homebrew Supply The go-to place for home brewing equipment, Keystone Homebrew Supply raises the interest level and capability of those wanting to “get a taste” of brewing their own. Countless years of trial and error, helps to perfect the home craft. Keystone Homebrew Supply helps to provide you with all you need to try and try again!

  Tama Matsuoka, Meadows and More Tama is known for her knowledge of native plants and passion to educate others on using wide open spaces to create meadows to increase biodiversity. Recognizing that there are numerous benefits to plants grown in the wild, Tama enjoys teaching how to use these plants in every day life. Take the opportunity to “forage and find” with Tama and you will come back with more than you know!

  John Schwarz, Schwarz Brand Studio
Lucky me found a Creative Director and brand strategist living in Bucks County. Inspired by ovens we saw together in England, JS (along with JH) created an earthen oven in The Kitchen Potager garden. Now we all enjoy the freshest ingredients in the hottest oven making the best-est pizza! Now strategizing for local businesses John has been working tirelessly with Canal House Cooking and The Kitchen Potager on The Smallholding Festival!

John Hickey, H Design Garden Structures
  Look beyond this friendly face and you will find someone fully devoted to athletic and craftsman pursuits. If it is the winter, you may find him teaching snowboarding, if it is the spring, summer or fall he is most likely using traditional craftsman techniques creating landscape structures to optimize garden production. As a friend and neighbor, he does not hesitate to lend a hand and in this case, his feet, to help create the bricks and structure for the oven.

  Nina White, Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse Bobolink has gone through the laborious exercise of moving their entire farm. And once again you can find the intense flavor of quality whole grains rising in the perfect heat of the BD&B ovens. Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse family is in full swing again, back in production, teaching classes and at the markets with their incredible combination of bread and cheese. Nina’s bread making students often ask about the ideal recipe for baking bread in their own backyard earthen ovens and here she will show us just what to do.

  Tim Mountz, Happy Cat Farm Tim has the presence, voice, passion and knowledge that would be ideal in a classroom, but fortunately for us he thrives outside; digging in the dirt, planting seeds, saving seeds and designing for food production. His culinary interests link him to chefs who crave new flavorful food varieties. Founding his seed company Happy Cat Farm after receiving a jar of seeds from his grandfather, Tim works tirelessly at expanding his own farm, creating and offering products at markets, and as a manager at Terrain. But mostly he enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge.

Kristin Perry, The Kitchen Potager My obsession is to create a backyard space that looks pretty and tastes great. Initially, I wanted everything in my garden to be edible so I found varieties to replace traditional flowering ornamentals. Now, I also grow for fragrance, and for medicinal benefits. Great flavor and color combinations entice me, and others, into the garden. After all, the whole purpose is to enjoy flavorful food with friends and family.

“Rot on!” is how Deb signed the copy of the book, The Complete Gardening Guide that she wrote with Barbara Pleasant. With her sense of humor and knowledge of soil process, Deb has a knack for teaching this “dirty” activity as an exciting easy event vs a challenging chore. With a little bit of her help, we can all earn the greatest gardeners honor – black gold!

Darlene Kaminsky, Chestnut Hill Gourmet Foods We have many friends who can their vegetables and make jams or jellies during the season. But Darlene is a canners canner, who works to create powerful flavor combinations like Champagne Garlic, Vidialia Onion, and Cranberry Pepper. Darlene selects ingredients from her farmers’ market friends and is constantly canning. She is a go – to person for canning options and she is happy to share that this is something that we can all enjoy doing, she certainly does!

Mark ‘Coach’ Smallwood, Rodale Institute
Recently moving to Emmaus, PA as Executive Director at Rodale Institute, Mark “Coach” Smallwood is exactly that, everyone’s coach. His career experience has touched so many components of a DIY lifestyle that the hardest part to determine was “which expertise should we demonstrate?” I met Coach at a sustainable beekeeping workshop and later learned that as a biodynamic farmer, he has raised chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and driven a team of oxen. While he could demonstrate numerous activities at the festival, the skill he is passionate about relaying is fermenting vegetables; an easy, accessible and nutritious way to preserve the harvest.

SPIT ROASTING Ian Knauer bigcitycountryboy.blogspot.com
Formerly a food editor at Gourmet magazine, he was one of a team of cooks in their test kitchen, and a regular contributor on the the television series Diary of a Foodie. He is now writing a blog at bigcitycountryboy.blogspot.com and also contributes to BonApetit.com. When not in a kitchen, he is either hunting, fishing, tending his beehives, or foraging for dinner from the family farm in Knauertown, PA.

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