A Dinner to Celebrate George Burns? Alas, or shall I say Lads and Lassies, it was a dinner to celebrate the Scottish Poet Rabbie Burns! I laughed at this comment because it was a similar reaction that I had when I was invited to my first Burns Night Supper when living in London. Our friend Jane was “blessed” with her “daft” American friends who had no idea who this legendary man was and proceeded to host this traditional meal. She hosted with all the pomp and circumstance required: scotch whisky, pipers, haggis, cock a leekie soup (feel free to blush), neeps and tatties, whisky, poetry recitings, kilts, toasts, dancing and did I mention whisky? It was a night to remember yet, parts of the evening needed reminders by the morning.
Across the pond to present day, John was preparing the menu for a dinner with friends a few nights before January 25th. The timing was perfect – we must have haggis! Alas, all you “sheep pluck fearing” lads and lassies, we decided upon a 2011 modified Burns Night – American style (a Brit might say it was dumbed down but we believe it was brilliant!).
Bill of Fare
Selkirk Grace
Piping in the Pork with Milk (Johns favorite Arista al Latte) and
Vegetarian Haggis (onions, carrot or parsnip, Chris’s mushrooms, steel cut oats, nuts, stock, cinnamon with other pumpkin pie spices, herbs)
Neeps & Tatties (Canal House Cooking’s pear, parsnip and potato puree and
roasted beets)
Dessert included Madagascar Vanilla instead of bread pudding. (Thanks to my dad’s postum, Lisa’s sour cherries and owow cow, the pudding was not missed!)
Guests arrived in some form of traditional attire – whether that meant woolen cape, flannel shirt, wool sweater, or skinny tartan tie. Burns Night was thoroughly wiki’d before arrival so it was fun to have accessories of printed poems and daggers. Whiskey and Scottish brew was served. Victoria and Dave fully engaged us when they read their poems passionately. Unfortunately, no one understood a word of it.

Burns Night Reading
Reading Burns Night
Reading Burns Night

Jim and Lorna brought the quintessential Braveheart cape and dagger so it was thoroughly dramatic when Jim “Addressed the Haggis” and said “An’ cut you up with ready slicht”.

Haggis Spearing
Haggis Spearing

You could hardly notice that we had our dueling macs, one for reading and the other a google’d photo of a true, yet virtual, haggis.

Virtual Haggis
Virtual Haggis

As for toasts, rather than resorting to roasting the opposite sex, we were enjoying the meal and laughing so much that I believe we toasted ourselves – completely appropriate and so American, I just loved it! Thank you Rabbie for prompting a great eve and Happy Birthday – we’ll think of you again next year!

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