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Last week I picked up a new favorite toy with sleek lines, simple parts and a chilly center. It does not require electricity, just the frozen cylinder and approximately 20 minutes of watching, churning, tasting (rough job) until you come up with a chilly mass of tasty goodness – the Donvier Ice Cream Maker.┬áMy childhood memories of ice cream making are dominated by fetching ice and sprinkling rock salt until I was distracted towards a new activity. This new toy offers a frozen cylinder which replaces the rock salt chore and simply requires a churn a few times, every few minutes.
We have a local artisanal organic ice cream maker, oWow Cow Creamery in Ottsville (pronounced either “oh Wow” for delicioso or “ow ow” for painfully good), whose flavors are exceptional and inspiring. In their true form, I sought out the ultimate local, fresh, quality, ingredients which we all know, makes all the difference.

I planned to create an herbal strawberry ice cream for weekend activities. All of the ingredients were locally accessible: I picked the last batch at Penn Vermont Saturday morning, went to my chicken coop for my eggs (one aracauna blue and one buff orpington brown if we are being specific), stopped at Kimberton Whole Foods for the Kimberton Dairy raw milk and heavy cream, organic sugar, honey from Marsh Gibbons (thanks Yvonne & Kevin), and picked tarragon and sweet woodruff from The Kitchen Potager (thank you Robin and Marlene for inspiring the anise and vanilla herbal flavors).
I had the kitchen to myself, World Cup was starting…
Local ingredientsHull quart+ of Penn Vermont strawberries and add 1/4 c sugar and T Marsh Gibbons Honey, 2 T chopped tarragon and 1 T toasted chopped sweet woodruff, set aside in refrigerator.
In large bowl, whip two eggs gradually adding 3/4 c sugar. By the time you get to the end of the sugar, you have a thick custard. Gradually whip in 1 c milk followed by 2 c heavy cream and t vanilla. When berries are chilled for 1 hour, add the cream and egg mixture and chill again for at least one hour. When you are closer to serving, add your berry custard mix into the ice cream maker, in this case a Donvier sorbetiere, and churn 3-4 times every 3-4 minutes for approximately 20 minutes. Et Voila! Three cheers for everyone on the kitchen team and 3 cheers for Argentina!
The lightweight electricity-free simplicity of the new Donvier toy allowed us to carry the ice cream “en process” to our friends for dinner. We were treated to their “fresh catch” seafood dinner and gourmet treats. As the sun set, we slurped the spoonfuls of sunny strawberry flavors while enjoying front row seating for the lightning bug glittery entertainment display. The recipe worked well but my new gadget is not capable of freezing the moment. We will simply have to freeze again!

It's coming together!Berry Berry Good

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